Strategic Marketing

I wanted to say a very big thank you for doing an AMAZING job. I believe you have raised the bar so high that other designers will take ages to catch up to the standard you have produced for Fintona’s Prospectus. Thank you for your patience as we made changes to so many different versions of the Prospectus and the many other accompanying documents. Suzy, our Principal, is extremely delighted with the outcome as am I.
Vicky Kapourelakos, Marketing Manager, Fintona Girls' School

Strategic Marketing

How to market your educational institution

Believe what?

What is the authentic differentiating idea? 

This idea must be 5 things:

  1. Authentic - something which is being done or exists in the business already
  2. Compelling -  something the audience value, want and willing to pay for
  3. Unique - sets them apart from the competition
  4. Consistent - staying on message
  5. Simple - one or two words, three max

Our/your job

To create a message so that the viewer recognizes what makes your business different from your competitors:


  1. Consider the landscape your business is competing in. Who are the competitors
  2. Know thy self
  3. Simplicity is vital
  4. Credibility / authenticity
  5. Consistency
  6. Try not to be all things to all people

Now that you have your differentiating idea, what now?

Build awareness - begin to tell your story.

Begin to communicate to your audience that differentiating idea where they are like on facebook or in the mall...

  • visual must be appropriate for and sympathetic to the differentiating idea
  • must reinforce the differentiating idea
  • consistency - stay on message
  • build momentum - first two years of roll out dial up the spending on marketing