Case studies

I wanted to say a very big thank you for doing an AMAZING job. I believe you have raised the bar so high that other designers will take ages to catch up to the standard you have produced for Fintona’s Prospectus. Thank you for your patience as we made changes to so many different versions of the Prospectus, website and the many other accompanying documents. Suzy, our Principal, is extremely delighted with the outcome as am I.
Vicky Kapourelakos, Marketing Manager, Fintona Girls' School

Case studies

#1 Christ Church Grammar School

Christ Church Grammar School, South Yarra,
Open Day campaign



CCGS wanted to raise their profile as a go to Melbourne inner city provider of education from 3 Year Old to 12 Year Olds by hosting a Open Morning. We had one week. OUCH!


Results & ROI:

  1. Median cost per student = 21,500.00
  2. 21,500 x 9 students = 193,500.00
  3. 5 of the 9 are starting in 3YO. x9 years of their education at
  4. CCGS = 967,500.00


What did CCGS think?

"I would like to thank you and your team for the great work that you put together in a very short amount of time. Whilst the lead time was not ideal, you did the job extremely well. We received 9 applications on the day and 6 were for 2019 which was beyond our wildest expectations."


Download & read now case study here




#2 Cornish College

Cornish College, Patterson River,
Open Day campaign



Increase turnout and participation for Open Day



  1. This year vs last year equals a 65-70% increase from last year. 

  2. 41 Conversions (Survey Responses / Phonecalls) attributed to the advertsing campaigns at a cost of $923 - Cost/Conversion was $22.51 

  3. Cost Per click - $0.12

  4. Visits to Website - 44 Seen - 9,040 times

  5. Clicks - 1850 times 


What did Cornish think?

"The Open Morning went well. I'm still waiting for some final info from our admissions team. We had 46 register (up from 31 last year) and 5 came who hadn't registered. So 51 sets of contact details. We've also had some registrations for the May 29 Tour that is likely to have been driven by this campaign."


Download & read now case study here