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The herd mentality not good for business

Sheep are one of the best herding animals. As a matter of fact, they are brilliant at it. They would win gold medals forever in herding if it were an Olympic sport, they are that good. Why? Herding is coded into their DNA. Lambs too are taught by their mums at a very early age how to follow… how to herd.



Nelson, Trafalgar and branding

The naval battle off the cost of Spain at Trafalgar was a pivotal point in the history of England, Europe and the world because from this point in October of 1805 England would officially have unrestricted dominance of the seas and therefore the world. This would last for well over 100 years. How did this happen?



Is it better to give or receive? Your school might just depend on it.

There is an old saying, “it is better to give then receive”. Is this true? Maybe a myth? Maybe Darwin was right that it is the fittest who survive! Having tested the theory on more then one occasion, it definitely is more enjoyable to give without expecting anything in return. As parents we continually give to our children without ever expecting them to return the favor.



Different get’s noticed, then adopted

For 24+ years we have worked with schools and educational providers of all sizes and shapes to help solve their business problems of increasing student numbers or building a reliable well known brand in a very crowded and highly contested marketplace.



Who was Hank the "Disrupter"

No, not Vlad the Impaler, but Hank the Disrupter. This too was not his ring name in case you were wondering. The story begins back in 1908, but really gets interesting after 1913.So what did he do? He destroyed his competition by disrupting the accepted dogmatism for car manufacturing. It really does take some doing to wipe out all but three of your main competitors. 



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