SPS Speech Pathology Branding

It looks amazing. The butterfly made me think of an hysteresis shape as the control for voice physiology. The idea of data and graphs is an intuitive idea to grasp.
Boris & Mala, SPS owners

SPS Speech Pathology Branding

Branding Identity Design

When developing branding it is important to consider the unique characteristics of a client. When examining Speech Pathology for Schools JWB&Co discovered that the defining characteristic of the organisation, led by speech pathologist Malathi Ferdinando, is the emphasis on statistical and data based evidence to support and inform their practice. 

With this distinction in mind JWB&CO developed a logo styled from ascending bars, as one may find on in a bar chart.
The use of ascending bars gives the arrangement of elements a sense of upward trajectory, emblematic of SPS' mission to use speech pathology to propel students on an upwards academic trajectory.


JWB&Co delivered a full suite of logo styles and variations aswell as a suite of graphical applications and guidelines on brand application and messagings to ensure consistency of brand messaging.


  • Logo design
  • Brand design
  • Brand identity development
  • Style guideline development