St Aloysius College NEW Co-ed brand to market

JWB&CO’s theme which anchored the marketing project of ‘Life is Co-Ed and so are we in 2023’ has captured the imagination of the community and the College will build on this to provide a strong foundation for families choosing to send their sons and daughters to St Aloysius College. Joe’s work has been instrumental in setting this foundation. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe and JWB&Co to you for your consideration.
Christopher Houlihan, Chief Executive, Mercy Education Limited

St Aloysius College NEW Co-ed brand to market

New Co-Ed Brand Development, Marketing and Ad Campaign Management and Creative

The message needs to be short and simple as noted above because of the busy and visually competitive nature of where the message will live during the campaign period. The minuscule amount of time the viewer has to digest the information in these environments is critical. Coupled with this is, in some instances, your demographic cohort English is not their first language. 


This is a celebration. A bold undertaking. An exciting announcement, offering for the first time, a Co-Ed Catholic schooling product for families of the inner west, north and east of Melbourne. This is an amazing opportunity for them. The visual should reflect this excitement and audacity. 


  • Strategic Brand repositioning plan
  • Strategic Marketing plan
  • Communications plan
  • Focus groups
  • Corporate ID / Crest Logo
  • Style guide 
  • Strategic Risk Communications
  • Strategic Launch Communications
  • Ad campaign concept development, creative and execution
  • Google Digital PPC
  • Socials Digital
  • Domain Digital & Print
  • The Age Digital 
  • Direct mail 
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Outdoor Bus Mega sides