Beaconhills College Archive Centre environmental graphics

Thanks Joe and Ian, this is a beautiful design – a work of art! It really has improved the space, very pleased with the outcome.

Beaconhills College Archive Centre environmental graphics

External Building for Archive Centre Environmental Signage

The background image links the current location to the state it was in at the time of the schools conception. The letters making up Lux Luceat are filled with key historical images while also acting as a visual representation of the schools motto. The smaller text on the purple bar further ad to the historical context and also a visual historical link to the patrons who make up the the School’s house system. 


Fabrication notes: 

  • Digital print of main image 
  • Brick wall to left of white centre bar above to be covered with aluminium to facade to take digital print 
  • Digital print on glass will be two way film 
  • Purple bar to be tinted perspex 
  • White text to be white vinyl lettering