Award-winning-designer Joe Brook will give an illustrated talk at the Aforia. Judges described his prospectuses as “magical, engaging, inspired.” How does he do it?
Linda Vining


Reposition / Rebrand

The brand proposition is a school for "All Girls". For girls who are bold, or sporty to girls who are scientific or mathematical. Girls who are old to Australia or brand new. OLSH is for girls who are muslim or catholic. OLSH caters for, and cares deeply for "All Girls". What an amazing message which brings a sense of happiness and balance to the heart. What a great school. We love OLSH!  We developed the position based on both competitor analysis, internal review and  what parents love about the school through dedicated focus groups. What came back is OLSH is a school which includes everyone...inclusive.  This drove the positioning around the idea that OLSH is "for all girls".  We then rebranded the schools entire suite of both internal and external marketing communications.


We developed the use of the "heart" as a key brand motif. It garners its appropriatenes from the name of the school's as well as OLSH who not only educate the head, but more importantly the heart and is sympathetic to the new positioning as a school which cares for "All Girls". 


  • Positioning development  + brand pillars
  • Logo type  +  relationship with crest
  • Focus groups
  • Website
  • Prospectus 
  • Signage
  • Advertising
  • Stationery
  • Styleguide